Slimy boat merchant now imprisoned for his crimes


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Boat tycoon (formerly).
Status: Alive.
Location: Rivertown Jail.

Yaxas is a spindly, middle-aged man with a sharp, angular mustache and dark brown eyes. Before his incarceration, he preferred to dress in yellow clothes.


Yaxas was born 40-odd years ago in the southern savanna. Over the past 30 years, he arose as a successful boating captain and cornered the ferry and transportation market in and around Rivertown. He grew comfortably rich off of the proceeds from his ferrying services, enough to build a lavish estate in Rivertown and staff it with servants and guards. Despite this, he coveted more wealth, and aspired to someday expand his boating empire as far north as Solspire.

Suldaan requested Yaxas provide him a getaway boat near Rivertown Temple, no questions asked, offering an exorbitant sum of money and several magic items. Yaxas readily agreed to his terms.

Three days later, the vampire Prevara came to Yaxas and demanded he shelter her in his estate. In exchange, she promised to spare his life and keep his industry intact as she came to rule Rivertown. Yaxas was uncomfortable with the circumstances, but kept her hidden in his wine cellar and instructed his guards and servants not to entertain any visitors. He was unaware that Durza had infiltrated his estate and overheard some of his conversation.

At Prevara’s bidding, Yaxas stepped forward at a town meeting and proposed the construction of a wall around the town border to keep out monsters and intruders, towards which he put a significant amount of funding.

Again answering to Prevara, Yaxas called a nighttime meeting of townsfolk concerned about the assault on Rivertown Temple at his estate. There, Prevara hypnotized them all and bid them attack the Rivertown Avengers in the inn. The Rivertown Avengers survived the attack and convinced the town guards to investigate Yaxas’ estate. While the guards interrogated Yaxas’ servants, the Rivertown Avengers broke into his estate and entered Yaxas’ wine cellar. Yaxas confronted them and sealed them in the cellar with a heavy cabinet. When Prevara returned from the night’s hunting, he warned her of the adventurers and sent her to eliminate them.

Unfortunately for Yaxas, the Rivertown Avengers slew Prevara, and the town guards found them trapped in his wine cellar. Yaxas was arrested for sheltering and aiding a vampire and imprisoned in the Rivertown jail. Durza later visited his cell to taunt him.


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