Sought to bring about the Endless Night


Race: Human (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Merchant (formerly), vampire lord.
Weapons: Short sword, dagger.
Status: Destroyed.

Suldaan was average height with a wiry frame. He wore a blue hooded cloak with strong protective enchantments, and had a suit of leather armor of night stored in Iparun. He wielded a wicked short sword and a dagger. His special vampire ability was the power to control darkness and shadows.


Mortal life

Suldaan was originally a human merchant who lived about 400 years ago, peddling wares between towns in the lower savanna of the Sun Kingdom. Several close calls with bandits, gnolls, and goblins intensified his fundamental fear of death and caused him to begin seeking eternal life.

He eventually heard a rumor of a reclusive hermit, Wayara, who had lived in a lonely tower for over a hundred years, and sought her out to learn her secrets. He came across the hermit, who revealed herself to be a vampire, a “chosen child” of Gaunab, the god of death. Wayara then attacked and killed Suldaan, drinking his blood and infecting him with the curse of vampirism.


Suldaan awoke as a vampire, enthralled to serve Wayara. He served her orders for close to 150 years, until he came into contact with Sir Triam, a warrior wielding one of the sacred relics of Morimi. Without revealing that he was a vampire, Suldaan told Sir Triam of Wayara’s preying on the nearby villages, and convinced him to slay her, freeing Suldaan from her control.

Suldaan then took control of Wayara’s tower. He continued preying on the surrounding towns until Sir Triam realized his deception and returned. Suldaan fled the tower and escaped into the wilderness, where he went into hiding until Sir Triam’s death.

At some point, Suldaan traveled to Iparun and met Ganya, the firstborn of vampires.

Suldaan came to own the shop Capital Curiosities in Solspire, and converted its backroom, cellar, and subterranean tunnels into a hidden base for his purposes.

Within the past 70 years, Suldaan encountered Kombozi as she fled from her hometown’s guards. He defeated the guards and took Kombozi under his wing, teaching her how to hone her illusion magic.

The Endless Night

Still ruled by his fear of death, Suldaan began conspiring with Ganya and Kombozi to plunge the Sun Kingdom into darkness, making their base in Iparun. Suldaan discovered that Morimi had placed her most sacred altar in Solspire as the seat of her power in the kingdom. If that altar were greatly profaned, then Morimi’s power could be broken, and her gift of sunlight would be extinguished. Suldaan planned to steal Sir Triam’s holy blade and use it to slay a child upon the altar, thus damning the kingdom to eternal night.

To that end, Suldaan disguised himself as a magic item merchant and traveled to Rivertown, where Sir Triam was buried. There, he killed Ciidan, Baaris, and Prevara, draining them of blood so that they would rise as his thralls and besiege Rivertown Temple. Suldaan identified Louis Fisher, Durza, Mraena, and Arktos as the four strongest and noblest warriors in the town, who had the potential to threaten his scheme. To get them out of the way, he hired them to travel deep into the Goblin Marshes and investigate the goblins’ role in the recent deaths. He also arranged a deal with Yaxas to provide a getaway boat for his attack on the temple.

Three days later, at midnight, Suldaan raised his three spawn from the graveyard and led them to the Rivertown Temple, where he tricked an acolyte into inviting them into the temple. While his spawn killed the acolytes and wounded Hurak, Suldaan advanced to Sir Triam’s crypt and began a spell to reanimate Sir Triam’s skeleton. At this point, the four adventurers, who had just now realized Suldaan’s true plan, entered the temple and attacked the vampires, killing Ciidan and forcing Baaris to retreat. Outraged, Louis Fisher attempted to kill Suldaan, but Suldaan ignored his assault and left Rivertown with Sir Triam’s body and blade. He then released Baaris and Prevara from his thrall and left them to occupy the Rivertown Avengers while he made his escape.

Suldaan traveled down the river for a fair distance before moving inland, where he acquired a wagon and rode north with Sir Triam’s body. As he passed through the savanna, he stopped at various towns and killed many of their inhabitants, leaving them with instructions to kill their townsfolk and travel to Solspire when they rose.

Suldaan then brought Sir Triam’s body to Solspire, where he selected and kidnapped a young boy as a sacrifice. He also built up a stock of enshrouding candles, intending to use them in the siege. He met Ganya and Kombozi in Capital Curiosities to strategize their assault on the Temple of Morimi, only for the Rivertown Avengers and Orin to break into the shop. Suldaan killed Orin before retreating into the tunnels. With his base compromised, the enshrouding candles destroyed, and the city government alerted to his scheme, Suldaan moved up the timetable for the vampires’ assault.

That night, Suldaan and Ganya assembled their spawn in the tunnels and deployed them to gain entry to the Temple of Morimi. While Kombozi and Ganya engaged the front entrance, Suldaan brought his spawn to a hidden back entrance and hypnotized the city guard into inviting him in. He then infiltrated the temple with Sir Triam and the boy, leaving his spawn to deter followers, and made his way to the sacred altar. Ahraz attempted to stop him, but Suldaan hypnotized him to stand down. Before he could complete his sacrifice, the Rivertown Avengers arrived. Arktos stunned Suldaan and Louis and Durza rescued the boy, sending Ahraz to escort him to the sacred spring, where no vampire could retrieve him. Enraged, Suldaan attacked the Rivertown Avengers, killing Arktos and Mraena and draining them of their blood. Having sustained heavy wounds in the fight, he attempted to retreat in gaseous form. However, Louis used one of Ganya’s force gauntlets against him, finally destroying Suldaan.


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