Zealous high priestess slain by Suldaan


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: High Priest of Morimi.
Weapon: Staff of blazing sunlight.
Status: Deceased.
Location: Temple of Morimi.

Orin was an average-height (5’5’’), stocky woman with radiant brown hair and blazing gold eyes. She wore robes of bright red and white, with golden vestments, and carried a staff ending in a mote of divine light.


Orin was born in Solspire 42 years ago. Eager to prove herself, she was ordained an acolyte and climbed the ranks in the Temple of Morimi, becoming high priestess 11 years ago. As the high priestess, Orin was privy to sacred knowledge, such as the relics of Morimi and the existence of vampires. She recognized Ahraz for his diligent service, and made him her right-hand man.

When the Rivertown Avengers came to Solspire, bringing news of a vampire attack, Orin readily believed them, and rushed to defend the sacred altar from the children of Gaunab. She accompanied them to Capital Curiosities, where they found Suldaan, Ganya, and Kombozi in conference. Orin led the charge, destroying several vampire spawn and healing the Rivertown Avengers as they went. However, Suldaan and Ganya proved too powerful. Wounded, Orin called a retreat, leading the Rivertown Avengers out through a window. Before she could join them, Suldaan hypnotized her to approach him in the burning hallway. He then impaled her on his sword and left her to bleed out and burn in the shop.

When the Rivertown Avengers brought news of Orin’s death, Ahraz replaced her as acting head of the Temple of Morimi. He was later ordained her successor as high priest.

That night, Kombozi impersonated Orin, using her dead body as a prop for her illusory disguise. Louis Fisher saw through the illusion, and Kombozi discarded Orin’s body and ran. Orin’s body was taken inside the Temple of Morimi, to be consecrated and buried after the battle.


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