. . N̷̨͎̭͇͍̯̲̪̩̯̒͆̿͊͘͡ű̴̧̩̤͉͓̬͚̭̇͋̀͘͜͡v̥͖̜̼̝̊̾̓̇́͒͞v̖̫̪͓̙̺̂͐͗͂͂͐̾̈́̎ȋ̧͓̖͚̲͚̟̔̇̽̔̏͜͠ .

Diminutive fairy (?), knows more than she should


Race: Unknown.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Adventurer?
Weapon: “Three-headed skibber”, the Seed.
Status: Alive.
Location: Tomb of the Ancients.


Novie met the Ghostbusters in a mountain pass on the eastern mountain of the Highlands. Shortly afterwards, they were attacked by two rune snails and an impersonator mimic imitating Musa. Novie flew herself and Kit to a ledge, where they killed a rune snail, then descended and joined the defeat of the mimic. Novie witnessed the interrogation of the mimic and attempted to communicate with it in her own chirping language, to no avail.

Novie then accompanied the Ghostbusters to the wreck of the salt ship, where they helped to find several treasures and Musa’s tracks. Along the trail, they were attacked by Kukulkan, and Novie fled with Cain and XZ-23 into the Fey Forest. In the Robbers’ Ruin, Novie battled Krano and Kylas, the latter of whom chased the adventurers out of the ruin.

Novie then disappeared into the forest for several hours. She reappeared after the Ghostbusters had defeated Musa, and wrestled the Seed from XZ-23, claiming it for herself. She then accompanied them to the Eastern Mountain Tower and defeated Suresh. Afterwards, Haru told her of a carving depicting a figure like her in the Imperial Museum in Nianaqol, and Novie set off with the Ghostbusters for the capital city.

There, she learned the carving was found deep within the Tomb of the Ancients, where all the imperial rulers of the Highlands were interred. Novie brought the Ghostbusters to the dungeon and descended to its deepest level, where she found a secret passage hidden behind hieroglyphs and vines. Tohil and Ryloken attempted to prevent Novie from entering, but she opened the way and led the Ghostbusters further down, into a subterranean jungle, through an enormous, bark-like capsule, and into the halls of the giants.

. . N̷̨͎̭͇͍̯̲̪̩̯̒͆̿͊͘͡ű̴̧̩̤͉͓̬͚̭̇͋̀͘͜͡v̥͖̜̼̝̊̾̓̇́͒͞v̖̫̪͓̙̺̂͐͗͂͂͐̾̈́̎ȋ̧͓̖͚̲͚̟̔̇̽̔̏͜͠ .

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