Younger twin sister, injured in shipwreck


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Engineer/musician on the S.S. (Salt Ship) Innovation.
Status: Unknown.
Location: Unknown.

Musa wears light clothing and tends to forego her tool belt for more aesthetic outfits. She was an agile climber, but her legs were badly damaged in the wreck. However, her wounds may have been healed by the power of the Seed.


Musa and her twin sister, Mansa, were born about 20 years ago in the Sun Kingdom. They came to work on a steam-powered airship, one of the first of its kind. This ship accepted an offer to fly several loads of salt, concealing an artifact hidden by Kotero, to the land of Ekyrge.

Halfway through the voyage, the ship passed into an unexpected stormfront and was attacked by a Feathered Dragon who badly damaged the ship, killing most of the crew. Alerted by Cain, Musa went to the engine room to fix a leak, but was caught in an explosion and trapped in the wrecked ship.

Musa survived the crash, but lay unconscious for some time (during which, a mimic adopted her form). When she awoke, she traveled to the remnants of the ship’s cargo hold. Her tracks then led away from the wreck, towards the inner valley of the Highlands, but had been swept with a dragon feather. The party also found signs of something dragged along Musa’s tracks.

While following Musa’s tracks, the party was attacked by the Feathered Dragon and scattered. Cain, Novie, and XZ-23 found her footsteps along a line of newly sprouted trees, and concluded she was carrying the Seed, which had healed her injuries and stimulated plant growth in her wake. They followed her tracks to the base of Krano and Kylas before resting.


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