Altruistic engineer on the Salt Ship Innovation


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Engineer on the S.S. (Salt Ship) Innovation.
Status: Alive (resurrected).
Location: The Sun Kingdom.

Mansa is a wiry woman near-always covered with soot and grime from managing the ship’s pipes and engine. She wears a heavy coat and goggles, and carries a bag of tools at all times.


Voyage to Ekyrge

Mansa and her twin sister, Musa, were born about 20 years ago in the Sun Kingdom. They came to work on a steam-powered airship, one of the first of its kind. This ship accepted an offer to fly several loads of salt, concealing an artifact hidden by Kotero, to the land of Ekyrge.

Halfway through the voyage, the ship passed into an unexpected stormfront and was attacked by a Feathered Dragon who badly damaged the ship, killing most of the crew. Assuming her sister dead, Mansa evacuated Kotero, Alecc, Cain, Durza, and, with some difficulty, Kit. Mansa directed the group to use paragliders to land on a forested mountain below. Mansa’s group met with Haru and rested in his tower for the night.


The next morning, they traveled to the wreck, where Haru sensed signs of life. Cain and Alecc found Musa pinned beneath debris and extricated her, and Mansa took her into her care. The group proceeded up through a mountain pass, but Mansa grew suspicious of Musa when she failed to remember important life details and spoke haltingly. XZ-23 cautioned her to leave Musa alone, but Mansa confronted her about a new necklace she was wearing. “Musa” then grew seven eyes and tendrils, revealing herself as a shapeshifter. Mansa tried to flee, but was cut down by a spiny tentacle and dispatched by shrapnel from Cain’s psychokinetic blast. After some discussion, Haru took Mansa’s body to his tower for preservation while the party searched for Musa.

While the Ghostbusters were gone, Haru (really Suresh in disguise) performed necromantic experiments on Mansa, intending to create an undead servant to retrieve the Seed for him. His rituals were interrupted by the early return of the adventurers. Panicking, he sent the incomplete Mansa to hold them off, but they destroyed her body, leaving a mangled corpse behind.


After resurrecting Haru, Alecc resurrected Mansa, and she shared a tearful reunion with Musa, who confessed her role in Kukulkan’s attack. Mansa mostly forgave Musa for her betrayal, knowing that she had not planned all the misery and death that came of it. The twins then agreed to stay in the Eastern Mountain Tower with Haru, avoiding any further adventures.

Haru eventually secured transport for Mansa and Musa back to the Sun Kingdom. Bidding the Highlands goodbye, they returned home to begin work on a new career.


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