Dragon who sought to eat the "Heart of Ehecatl"


Race: Feathered dragon.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Status: Deceased.

Kukulkan had a long, sinuous body, with slender limbs and horns. Over her blue scales, she had a coat of silver feathers. Lightning crackled from her eyes and fangs, and arced between her wounds when she was bloodied.



Kukulkan was one of the magical creatures of the Highlands, an elder dragon thought to be descended from Ehecatl. She was revered by the native humans and creatures as a goddess of thunder and rain, whose anger need be placated with regular offerings. She was one of the first beings to learn the ritual to steal a being’s powers by consuming their heart. As such, a cult developed around her, the Heart Eaters, based around killing other creatures for their hearts.

For hundreds of years, Kukulkan remained asleep in her lair atop the Northern Mountain, stirring only occasionally. Within the past year, she commanded her Heart Eaters to hunt down the members of the royal family and bring her their hearts, hoping to obtain some magical power.

Recently, Kukulkan learned of a powerful artifact – the Seed – approaching the Highlands from Heart Eaters who had conspired to steal it. Hearing of its tremendous power over foliage, Kukulkan concluded that the artifact must be the legendary heart of Ehecatl. Consuming it would give her power like no other had ever seen, and she developed a great craving for the Seed.

Quest for the Seed

Her Heart Eaters had conspired with Musa to steal the Seed in an arranged burglary, but Kukulkan developed a different plan. As the ship passed by the Highlands, she conjured a thunderstorm around the ship and then made strafing attacks, brutalizing the ship’s balloon, engine, and hull. She then attacked the bow of the ship, killing its captain and destroying its steering console. Kit, Alecc, Durza, and Cain fought back while Kukulkan ravaged the ship with lightning bolts, killing most of the crew. Working together, the group pulled the ship and dragon closer together and attacked Kukulkan, wounding her wing and torso. Alecc then struck her with a ramming spell, stunning her and knocking her out of the sky. Kukulkan plummeted into the stormclouds and disappeared.

After licking her wounds, Kukulkan inspected the wreck of the salt ship, looking for the Seed. However, Musa had survived the crash and stolen the Seed, heading further into the Highlands valley. That night, Kukulkan was prowling the valley when she spotted the adventurers from earlier, the Ghostbusters. She rained lightning on them from above, demanding they surrender the Seed, but they fled into the Fey Forest and the Eastern Sanctum, where she could not follow.

Kukulkan bid her Heart Eaters capture the Ghostbusters, but each party failed. After several weeks, she used draconic magic to scry on them, finding that they were climbing out of a tunnel onto Mount Tohil. Kukulkan descended from the sky to battle them, sweeping the mountainside with lightning and thunder and demanding they surrender the Seed. Alecc and Cain seized upon her with spells, but were quickly wounded and driven back. Novie clung to her side, and Tarrik Ashmantle helped to heave Kit onto her back, allowing Kit to strike her from the sky. Enraged, Kukulkan attempted to kill Kit and Tarrik, but Kit bore the brunt of the blow and survived. She then tried to escape, only for Cain to leap up and kill her with one punch, ending her reign of terror.

Kukulkan’s demise, at the hands of Kit and Cain.

The Heart Eaters were demoralized by Kukulkan’s demise and scattered to the four corners of the wilderness, never to trouble the Highlands again.


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