Minotaur with cursed mace who tamed Kylas


Race: Minotaur.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Highway robber.
Weapon: The “Great Cursed Mace”, a heavy stone mace with a necrotic aura.
Status: Deceased.
Location: Robbers’ Ruin.

Krano was a black-furred, burly minotaur standing upwards of 8 feet tall. He wore iron plates of armor around his shoulders and torso, as well as iron shoes for his hooves and rings around his horns. He wore the unholy symbol of Baphomet around his neck. He was extremely greedy and paranoid about his ill-gotten goods.


Krano was a highway robber in the Highlands for some time, plundering travelers along the road to the Eastern Mountain, near the Tomb of the Emperors. Traffic was scarce in the area, so his victims were few, but isolated and easy to pick off. He eventually allied with the manticore Kylas to bring down larger caravans. Krano took the treasures, and Kylas ate the bodies. They made their base in a giant, ruined structure in the northeastern forest.

Recently, while Krano and Kylas were out, an unknown force caused a line of trees to sprout directly through their base. Krano set Kylas to fell the trees, intending to clear them out of the ruin. He then spotted Novie observing them and, assuming her to be a spy sent by his competitors, mounted Kylas and attacked. Novie’s hidden ally, Cain, blasted Krano off of Kylas, and Novie pinned him to the ground while lashing him. Krano managed to recover and ran, yelling for Kylas to kill them both. However, Cain seized Krano with telekinetic force and threw him the length of the ruin, snapping his neck against a stone wall.


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