Trickster-illusionist vampire in a child's body


Race: Human (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Implement: Necklace of Disguise.
Status: Destroyed.

Kombozi had the appearance of a young (8-10 year old) girl. Her special vampire ability was great prowess with illusion spells.


Early life

Kombozi was a young human girl about 70 years ago, who was killed and vampirized by the vampire Tekaji, who was traveling through her hometown. During her thralldom, Tekaji raised her as his own child, teaching her that she had been granted eternal life by Gaunab.

Her mother never forgot Kombozi’s death, or the disappearance of her corpse. Years later, she tracked her killing to Tekaji, freeing Kombozi from his influence. Kombozi’s mother brought her back to their hometown, where they lived alone, and began seeking a way to cure her.

Not wanting to give up her eternal life, Kombozi killed her mother and fled into the wilderness. She was pursued by the village guards, but rescued by Suldaan, who was passing through. Suldaan took her under his wing, and she came to think of Suldaan as her ally and “grandfather”. Over decades of honing her inherent abilities, Kombozi became a master illusionist.

The Endless Night

Kombozi eventually joined Suldaan and Ganya in their conspiracy to bring about the Endless Night. As part of their scheme, she went on a rampage through the northern Sun Kingdom, creating many vampire spawn, which she brought to Solspire. She met Suldaan and Ganya to discuss tactics in Capital Curiosities, but the Rivertown Avengers interrupted the meeting and bombarded the vampires with spells. Wounded and frightened, Kombozi escaped through a trapdoor into the tunnel network below. Suldaan and Ganya eventually followed, and they moved up the timetable for their assault on the Temple of Morimi.

That night, Kombozi combined Orin‘s dead body with her own illusion magic to disguise herself as the late high priestess. She approached the Temple of Morimi under this disguise and asked to be let in, but the Rivertown Avengers were skeptical, and sent Louis Fisher out to escort her in. Louis saw through the illusion, and prepared to attack, but Kombozi discarded Orin’s corpse and fled.

Kombozi then disguised herself as the young boy kidnapped by Suldaan and ran at the temple, “pursued” by two of her spawn, begging to be let in. Convinced, the city guards and acolytes opened the gate to save her from the vampires. Before Kombozi could invite the rest of the vampires in, the Rivertown Avengers grabbed her and dragged her to the temple’s sacred spring, where they would test to see if she were a vampire. Kombozi struggled, but could not escape Louis Fisher’s grip, and was tossed into the sacred spring, where she began to melt. Ganya appeared at the window and taunted Kombozi, asking for her invitation. With her dying words, Kombozi granted him and his spawn an invitation into the temple.


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