Drunken warrior with a death wish


Race: Dwarf.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Pirate (formerly), adventurer.
Weapon: Grasping halberd.
Status: Alive.
Location: The Highlands.


Kit woke up from a raging bender in the cargo hold of a steam-powered airship, surrounded with assloads of salt. Having no other options, the crew welcomed her on board, and she proceeded to claim the ship as her own, mouthing off to Captain Detza and distracting members of the crew from flying the ship.

Halfway through the voyage, the ship passed into an unexpected stormfront. A blue dragon then attacked the ship, killing Detza, frying the console, and wounding Kit. Enraged, Kit attacked the dragon, at one point leaping onto its back and stabbing it. Bloodied, the dragon knocked Kit unconscious with a lightning bolt and threw her onto the deck. She was revived by Cain while the dragon was driven off. Having learned the dragon was after an artifact held in the cargo hold, Kit attempted to venture belowdecks, but was talked down by Mansa and Kotero. Kit donned a paraglider and descended to a mountain, crashing into a jungle away from the other survivors.


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