The firstborn of vampires and ruler of Iparun


Race: Elf (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: Iparun.
Occupation: Politician (formerly), High Priest of Gaunab.
Weapons: Force Gauntlets.
Status: Destroyed.

Ganya was a huge (6’8’’), burly elf with jet-black skin. He was completely bald. He wore a massive, broad-shouldered suit of black and green armor, equipped with cold sapphire gems that extended his soul chill aura. On each hand, he wore a heavy Force Gauntlet in the same style as his armor, which could fire blasts of concussive force. His special vampire ability was a soul chill aura that sucked the life out of mortals near him.


Mortal life

Ganya was part of the elven society of Iparun over 400 years ago. He became a politician, and desired to be named leader of Iparun. He kept journals of his tribulations, which he hid in several hidden rooms and alcoves he discovered within the city.

400 years ago, the leader of Iparun stepped down, and Ganya competed with his rival, Olusogba, to be elected as successor. He worked hard to build support for his platform, but was dealt a crushing defeat by Olusogba. Falling into despair, Ganya prayed to the dark god Gaunab to kill his rival and make him the new ruler of Iparun. Gaunab granted his request by making Ganya the first vampire, imbuing him with eternal life, supernatural abilities, and immunity to most forms of harm. Mad with power, Ganya rampaged through Iparun, killing the elves within and glutting himself on their blood.

Rule over Iparun

The elves of Iparun soon rose as vampire spawn enthralled to Ganya. He ruled over them for 100 years, passing decrees and rewriting the laws of the city, before he became tired of this sham and released the spawn from his control. They then dispersed across the Sun Kingdom, spreading the curse of vampirism to humans. He also created various skeletons and specters from his victims, which he left to haunt Iparun.

Consumed by ennui, Ganya spent the next several centuries exploring the Sun Kingdom, looking for a purpose in his existence. He met several of his vampire descendants and challenged them to contests of strength, which he overwhelmingly won. Eventually, he grew bold and challenged Akkedis, the Grey Dragon of the Mountain, who soundly defeated him. Ganya slunk back to Iparun to nurse his wounds, plotting revenge on the dragon.

The Endless Night

Ganya was eventually approached by Suldaan, who had devised a scheme to extinguish the sunlight of the Sun Kingdom and conquer it for the rule of the vampires. Ganya partnered with Suldaan and Kombozi to achieve this scheme, and made Iparun the base of their operations.

The Rivertown Avengers tracked Suldaan from Rivertown to Woodhaven, and were recruited by Akeko to investigate the ruins of Iparun, where they found Ganya’s diaries and treasures. Ganya observed their progress in gaseous form and waited for them in his inner sanctum, looking forward to a test of his skills.

On the second day of their exploration, the Rivertown Avengers opened Ganya’s inner sanctum, expecting to find Suldaan. Ganya revealed his involvement in Suldaan’s scheme and challenged them to a battle. He traded blows with Arktos’ familiar, Kuma, before shattering it and advancing on the Rivertown Avengers. However, Arktos and Louis Fisher were able to keep Ganya unsteady on his feet, and eventually threw him into the vampires’ copy of the Bible of Morimi, which burned him. Wounded, Ganya turned gaseous and fled the sanctum, then ordered his spawn to exterminate the adventurers. However, they evaded his army and escaped to Woodhaven.

Once healed, Ganya gathered his spawn and advanced towards Solspire, where he joined Suldaan and Kombozi to plot their assault on the Temple of Morimi in Capital Curiosities. Their meeting was interrupted by the Rivertown Avengers and Orin, the high priestess of the temple. While Kombozi fled, Ganya and Suldaan fought together against the intruders. Ganya again fought Kuma, then battled Louis and Orin, while Durza attempted to remove his soul chill armor. Ganya mortally wounded Louis with a bite while Suldaan killed Orin, and the Rivertown Avengers beat a hasty retreat, Durza shooting Ganya a parting blow.

Harried by the attack, Suldaan moved up the timetable for the siege. Kombozi was put in charge of gaining entry to the temple and inviting the other vampires in. Ganya followed her progress and called to her from outside the sacred spring, where she was being melted by holy water, and goaded her into giving him an invitation into the temple. He then circled around to the front entrance and blasted the front doors off their hinges, advancing through the battle-strewn hall towards the Rivertown Avengers. Once more, he dueled and destroyed Kuma, before brutally subduing Mraena. As he moved on to Arktos, Mraena recovered and impaled him from behind with divine lightning, destroying Ganya.


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