Sultan of Brass who stole the Elemental Orbs


Race: Genie (efreeti).
Homeland: The Elemental Chaos.
Occupation: Sultan of Brass.
Weapons: Flaming scimitar, Air Orb, Fire Orb, Water Orb (all formerly).
Status: Deceased.

Bashamgurda was a massive efreeti, standing 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide at the shoulders. His skin was a dark crimson, with fire blazing in his eyes, and wicked horns and tusks, which he accessorized and lengthened with gilded jewelry. He wore ornamental golden armor on his shoulders, upper torso, and waist, but left most of his skin bare, relying on his magical protections. He wielded an enormous flaming scimitar and three of the four Elemental Orbs.



Thousands of years ago, Bashamgurda was one of the more powerful efreet in the City of Brass, among the ranks of Alraii and Dashim. He commanded an army of fire archons and slave warriors, and served the Sultan of Brass directly. Although he was already a prodigy with elemental fire, Bashamgurda desired even greater power. He disdained granting wishes, as this required entering into a contract with another being, making him dependent on them.

Bashamgurda was eventually named the new Sultan of Brass, and came into control of the City of Brass, outranking even Alraii. As the Sultan of Brass, he gained access to the Fire Orb, one of the Elemental Orbs crafted by the genies. He devised a plan to claim all four Elemental Orbs at once and conquer the whole of the Elemental Chaos for the Efreet Empire.

Hundreds of years ago, Bashamgurda broke thousands of years of peace and attacked the other genies: the dao, the djinni, and the marids. One by one, they fell to his onslaught. However, each tribe was able to sequester their Elemental Orb. The marids hid theirs in the Temple of the Marids, which Bashamgurda invaded, but a single marid called on the demon lord Dagon to destroy his army.

Uniting the Elemental Orbs

Bashamgurda devoted vast amounts of time and resources to finding the Elemental Orbs. After hundreds of years, he began to suspect that Alraii had been conspiring against him, using slaves and hired adventurers to steal the Elemental Orbs just as he was honing in on them. Bashamgurda’s spies traced the movements of the Rivertown Avengers and linked them to Alraii and the Elemental Orbs, and Bashamgurda seized Alraii for treason, taking him into enslavement and forcing him to surrender the orbs that were in his possession: the Water Orb and the Air Orb. Joining them with the Fire Orb, Bashamgurda set off to find the Rivertown Avengers, whom Alraii had sent after the Earth Orb.

Bashamgurda and Alraii found the Rivertown Avengers in Irdoc Morda and cornered them in the portal chamber, where they were attempting to return home. Imbued with the powers of the three Elemental Orbs, Bashamgurda conjured elementals and rained a storm of devastation upon the adventurers. One by one, however, the Rivertown Avengers broke his hold over each orb: Rakarn claimed the Water Orb, Chilgun the Fire Orb, and Furfur the Air Orb. Using the Earth Orb, Ambrose plucked Bashamgurda from his place in the air and slammed him into the ground, where Rakarn, Furfur, and Louis Fisher piled on, stabbing and killing Bashamgurda.


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