Blacksmith vampire who commanded hyenas


Race: Human (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Blacksmith.
Weapon: Forging hammer.
Status: Destroyed.

Baaris was a tall (6’6’’), burly, broad-shouldered man, well-muscled and worn from his years as a blacksmith. He had a wide, scruffy beard and mustache. He wore a a light tunic that kept his arms and shoulders bare for work in the forge. He wielded a massive hammer, which was buried with him as a memento of his blacksmithing prowess. His special vampire ability was the power to command hyenas.


Baaris was born 53 years ago in Rivertown, the son of the local blacksmith. He learned the craft from his father and took up the family business about 30 years prior to his death. He married Kiza, a hearty woman with a passion for metalwork, and began to teach his son Igazi the basics of blacksmithing.

While he slept, Baaris was killed and drained of blood by Suldaan. His death was a mystery to Rivertown, as he was the picture of perfect health. He was buried with great sorrow.

Three days later, Baaris rose as a vampire spawn under Suldaan’s command, alongside Prevara and Ciidan. Suldaan led them to Rivertown Temple, where they murdered several of the acolytes and badly wounded Hurak. The Rivertown Avengers arrived shortly thereafter to battle them. Arktos created a zone of erupting earth around Baaris, and Content Not Found: mraea smote him with divine power, immobilizing him there. When he struggled out of his bonds, he fought Mraena and Hurak, before Mraena badly wounded him with her spear. Baaris then fled through one of the temple’s windows. Suldaan released Baaris from his thrall shortly afterwards. He retrieved his coffin from the graveyard and fled into the western savanna.

Baaris came across a pack of hyenas, which he bent to his will, and took up shelter in their cave. The following evening, shortly before sundown, the Rivertown Avengers tracked Baaris to his cave and defeated his hyena guards. Before he woke, they gathered around his coffin and impaled him with every weapon they had, destroying him completely.

Arktos later returned Baaris’ hammer to Igazi and Kiza.


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