Efreeti merchant with a master plan


Race: Genie (efreeti).
Homeland: The Elemental Chaos.
Occupation: CEO, CFO, and founder of Alraii Enterprises.
Status: Alive.
Location: The City of Brass.

Alraii is a slim efreeti, slightly shorter than average (about 11’5’’). His skin is bright red and his fire burns vivid yellow-orange. He carries no weapons, relying in combat on his ability to manipulate elemental fire.



For thousands of years, Alraii has built up his business holdings and interests, collectively Alraii Enterprises, across the Elemental Chaos, becoming one of the most powerful efreet in the City of Brass. Many of his business interests are held in elemental realms outside the Efreet Empire, and thanks to lax regulations for inter-realm trade schemes, he benefits from their continued political independence. He came into possession of a lavish estate in the City of Brass and many slaves, including a diamond elemental butler.

150 years ago, when Bashamgurda became the Sultan of Brass and attacked the other genie tribes, attempting to steal the Elemental Orbs, Alraii feared for his enterprise. To protect his bottom line, he began to sabotage Bashamgurda’s efforts using hired adventurers (as opposed to slaves, who could be tracked back to him more easily). One such group plundered the Air Orb from its resting place among djinni ruins, which Alraii kept sealed in a top-secret vault. Alraii also began honing in on the location of the Earth Orb.

100 years ago, Bashamgurda sent his army to the Temple of the Marids to seize the Water Orb, but they were repelled.

Rivertown Avengers

Alraii learned that Bashamgurda was mustering his forces for another attempt at the Water Orb. He traveled to Rheilvalt and visited the Cookery of Eternal Flame, where he hired the Rivertown Avengers to retrieve the Water Orb, promising them ample compensation and one minor wish each. All but Durza agreed to the contract. Alraii provided a high-quality rivercraft for their journey to the temple, left his summoning address with the proprietor, Firebeard, and returned to the City of Brass.

A few weeks later, Firebeard summoned Alraii to Rheilvalt, where the Rivertown Avengers gave him the Water Orb. Ambrose asked Alraii his motives for wanting the Water Orb, to which Alraii replied he was the curator of a museum in the City of Brass and desired it for exhibition. Ambrose then handed over the Water Orb, and Alraii dispensed the adventurers’ payment and wishes. Alraii summoned a slave to carry the Water Orb, and moved discreetly to the City of Brass.

Several days later, Alraii’s estate was infiltrated by Louis Fisher and Rakarn, who talked their way into Alraii’s private study. Rakarn and Louis fast-talked Alraii about the Elemental Orbs, convincing him they knew too much about the artifacts to be dismissed. Alraii made a contract for them to retrieve the Earth Orb, sworn to secrecy, in exchange for its use in “terraforming” Pelemaka Springs, and gave them directions to its likely resting place in the Shattered Mountain.

Undoing and Rescue

Unfortunately for Alraii, Bashamgurda’s spies had been tracking Louis and Rakarn, who were affiliated with the Rivertown Avengers. Bashamgurda connected Alraii and the Rivertown Avengers to the disappearance of the Water Orb and apprehended Alraii for treason against the Efreet Empire, placing him into slavery and seizing his holdings, including the Water Orb and the Air Orb. Alraii was then forced to lead him to the Earth Orb, in the possession of the Rivertown Avengers in Irdoc Morda. On Bashamgurda’s orders, Alraii fought against the Rivertown Avengers, but repeatedly botched his control of elemental fire through no fault of his own, while watching the Rivertown Avengers break Bashamgurda’s hold over the Elemental Orbs. Alraii was caught off-guard, however, when Ambrose wrestled him to the ground and force-fed him a sleeping potion.

When Alraii awoke, the Rivertown Avengers had killed Bashamgurda and obtained all four Elemental Orbs. Alraii offered to grant them each a major wish if they handed over the Elemental Orbs, so that they could be kept out of the hands of the Efreet Empire. Rakarn demanded to take the Elemental Orbs for himself, promising to use them only against the princes of elemental evil. Not in a position to bargain, Alraii agreed. After each of the mortals departed, Alraii was left alone with Furfur, now directionless. Wary of the demon’s power, Alraii offered to grant her a wish to return to the Abyss, free of charge, to which Furfur agreed.

Alraii then returned to the City of Brass, where he funded a false report of Bashamgurda’s death in an unprecedented slave uprising to refocus efreet attention on domestic policy. He is thought to be a contender for the next Sultan of Brass, although he claims he has no interest in ruling.

Wishes Granted

Alraii granted wishes for several of the Rivertown Avengers on two separate occasions.

In exchange for the Water Orb, as per a contract (which Durza and Rakarn did not sign):

  • Ambrose – To have the ability to open small portals to a personal demiplane.
  • Mraena – That Louis Fisher were here.
  • Stick – To be transported to the domain of Ogremoch.

In exchange for killing Bashamgurda:

  • Chilgun – To be reunited with his Lightning Skiff.
  • Ambrose – To regain the inherent magical power that was stolen from him.
  • Furfur – To gain the power to fly and control thunderstorms.
  • Furfur (on the house) – To return to the Abyss.
  • Louis – To regenerate his lost left eye.
  • Mraena – For her, Durza, Louis, and Ambrose to return to the mortal world.
  • Rakarn – To be transported to the domain of Ogremoch.


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