Orin's successor as high priest of Solspire


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Acolyte of Morimi (formerly), High Priest of Morimi.
Implement: Sun symbol.
Status: Alive.
Location: Temple of Morimi.

Ahraz is a quiet, middle-aged man with advanced balding. He stands about 5’10’’ and is slightly overweight. Before his ascension, he wore white robes with gold vestments.


Ahraz was born 56 years ago in Solspire and joined the Temple of Morimi as an acolyte. He became known for his pure heart and reliable nature, and Orin kept him as her right hand.

When the Rivertown Avengers came to the Temple of Morimi to tell of a coming vampire siege, Ahraz brought them to see Orin. When she departed with them to apprehend the vampire lords, Ahraz oversaw the temple.

The Rivertown Avengers returned hours later with the news of Orin’s death. Ahraz became the acting head of the temple, and at the adventurers’ urging, closed the temple’s gates and massed the acolytes with the city guard to defend it from the coming attack. He witnessed Kombozi‘s impersonation of Orin and her later ruse as a young boy pursued by vampires. Erring on the side of compassion, he ordered the gates opened and the boy brought within the temple, but allowed the Rivertown Avengers to test the boy’s true nature in the sacred spring.

While the Rivertown Avengers were at the spring, the spawn of Ganya stormed the temple. Ahraz was caught in the midst of the battle, but spotted Suldaan bringing a captured boy to the sacred altar. He attempted to stop him, but Suldaan hypnotized him and forced him to stand down. Mraena resuscitated him, and he accompanied the Rivertown Avengers into the sacred chamber. After Arktos stunned Suldaan, Durza and Louis Fisher grabbed the boy and handed him off to Ahraz. Suldaan attempted to hypnotize Ahraz once more, but Ahraz refused his domination and fled the chamber. He brought the boy to the sacred spring, where they waited out the conflict, during which Suldaan was slain.

After the siege, Ahraz consecrated the bodies of Mraena and Arktos, and prayed to Morimi to resurrect them. Mraena heeded the call, but Arktos remained deceased. Ahraz witnessed the Flying Spaghetti Monster manifest in the night sky, and told the Rivertown Avengers they had the blessing of the gods.

Ahraz was officially ordained as the next high priest, and set about rebuilding and fortifying the Temple of Morimi.


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