Haywire Guardian without a master


Race: Guardian.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Guardian (formerly), adventurer.
Weapons: Rod (built into finger), mace.
Status: Functional.
Location: Robbers’ Ruin.

XZ-23 is a human-sized Guardian made of wood, twine, and silver. Their helmet conceals their face and eyes. Their middle digit on their right hand is a crimson rod that burns with arcane power, and their left hand holds a mace that echoes with faint thunder.


XZ-23 was built as a robotic Guardian in the Highlands. At some point, whether by fluke or by design, they attained free will, and subsequently lost all memory of their master and their period of servitude. Bereft of purpose, they wandered the wilderness of the Highlands looking for answers.

They eventually came to the easternmost mountain of the Highlands, seeking an audience with Haru. They witnessed a freak thunderstorm and an airship crashing into the jungle, and shortly thereafter met Cain, Durza, Mansa, and Kotero, whom they accompanied to Haru’s tower. Haru met with them, fetched Alecc and Kit from the jungle, and gave them guest rooms for the night. At XZ-23’s request, Haru began to investigate their origins.

In the morning, Haru led the group into the jungle to salvage the wrecked airship. Along the way, they shared stories with one another. They found the wreck crawling with su monsters, which they drove off. The group rescued Musa from the wreckage, but found no trace of the mysterious “Seed” Kotero sought. However, XZ-23 located a single feather from the Feathered Dragon.


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