Devil who enthralled Blackstone to a false god


Race: Devil.
Homeland: The Nine Hells.
Occupation: Prophet of Eidolon (formerly).
Status: Alive.
Location: Phlegethos, the seventh layer of Hell.

Varienne is a passion devil who prefers to take human form when in the mortal plane. In their human form, Varienne is perfectly androgynous, and proves alluring to all mortals of every orientation (except asexuals).


Varienne arrived in the mortal world some 30 years ago. To lead the village of Blackstone away from the gods, Varienne created a false god, Eidolon, from a statue left in an abandoned mountain shrine. Varienne orchestrated Eidolon’s arrival in Blackstone to coincide with the end of a river flood.

Over the course of 30 years, Varienne wormed their way into Blackstone, crowning themselves the high priest of Eidolon. They periodically sired children with villagers, creating seven cambions whom they raised to worship Asmodeus and prime Blackstone for its eventual conversion. The eldest of these cambion children were Maladis and Scipio.

At age 30, Maladis attempted to usurp Varienne and reveal their infernal nature to Blackstone, forcing them to worship Asmodeus. Scipio alerted Varienne to his plan, and Maladis was stopped before he could destroy Varienne’s scheme. Varienne imprisoned Maladis in Blackstone Temple and forced him to watch visions of devils who had betrayed their masters in the Nine Hells, driving him to the brink of madness.

After escaping the Elemental Chaos, the Rivertown Avengers entered Blackstone and proved disruptive to the peace. Varienne called a midnight service for the villagers, not to be shared with the adventurers; however, Durza pick-pocketed Scipio in the street and intercepted a note detailing the service.

When the Rivertown Avengers came to the service, Varienne sent Scipio to invite them to the back of the temple and kill them discreetly. However, the Rivertown Avengers fought back, wounding Scipio, and killing Maladis and the other two cambions stationed there. Scipio fled into Eidolon’s sanctum to be healed by Varienne, and the Rivertown Avengers followed. In the ensuing conflict, Varienne attempted to enthrall Durza, but failed due to his asexuality. Grock then slammed Varienne to the ground and crushed them with his hammer, sending Varienne back to the Nine Hells.


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