First Queen of the Highlands


Race: Human.
Homeland: Province near the Highlands.
Occupation: War chief (formerly), Queen of the Highlands (formerly).
Status: Undead.
Location: Tomb of the Ancients.

Tohil was a tall and limber woman who kept her body in peak physical condition. She knew many styles of martial arts, and as such rarely carried a weapon. As a mummy, she became wiry, thin, and desiccated, but no less strong; in fact, stronger. She was buried in regal burial garb, including a ceremonial headdress and an ornate robe.


Conquest of the Highlands

Tohil had her beginnings as the chieftain of a small nation of humans living in a realm near the Highlands. Having heard legends of the Highlands, including their abundant magic, exotic creatures, and verdant lands, Tohil decided to eke out a place for her people in this mystical realm. She led a great migration up the mountains and into the Highlands valley.

When Tohil arrived in the Highlands, she found it not as peaceful as proclaimed. All the inhabitants of the magical realm were trapped in the oppressive rule of the giants, who claimed dominion over the elements themselves. The giants rejected Tohil’s request for sanctuary and drove the humans out.

Not to be dissuaded, Tohil rallied her people and prepared for war. She discovered that, although the creatures of the Highlands had powerful magic, only humans had the arcane flexibility to learn and practice different spells and styles of magic. She honed her people’s arcane abilities for years to defeat the giants.

Tohil then led an incursion against the giants, allying with some of their subjects. Using their many styles of magic, the humans were able to defeat the giants and drive them underground, sealing them in the mountains beneath the Highlands. Tohil saw to it that every passage to the giants’ prison was warded, then claimed their ruined empire for her own.

Rule of the Highlands

Tohil also drove out several other hostile creatures, including Suresh, whom she tricked and banished to the Eastern Jungle Deeps.

Some time after her conquest, Tohil encountered the wandering Prince of another planet, now trapped in the Highlands. She was sympathetic to his cause, and offered him shelter in the Royal Court, disguised as a distant relative to the crown.


When Tohil died, she was succeeded by her son, Ketzal. Her body was mummified and laid to rest in a cave above the Prince’s crashed ship, under a mountain which would be called Mount Tohil. Over hundreds of years, the Tomb of the Ancients was built above her crypt, interring thousands of her descendants in the royal line.

Tohil herself found no rest in death. Calling on the inherent magic of the Highlands, she willed herself, her faithful bodyguard, Ryloken, and her eight closest handmaidens to serve as eternal guardians in the Tomb of the Ancients, protecting a hidden passage that led to the two best-kept secrets of the royal line. She kept her mummified body trained for her duty with daily routines and regiments.

After close to 1,000 years, the Prince passed through the Tomb to return to his ship. Tohil spoke with him briefly and let him through, bidding him a hopeful goodbye.

Shortly afterwards, the Ghostbusters entered her crypt and busted Ryloken. Novie opened the secret passage, and her allies kept Tohil from pursuing her. Dejected, Tohil concluded that perhaps these intruders were meant to reach the secrets beneath the tomb. She then allowed the Ghostbusters to reach the secret passage, warning them not to be sighted by the giants sealed at the end of the tunnel.


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