Cautious elf vampire, still at large


Race: Elf (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: Iparun.
Occupation: Naturalist (formerly).
Weapons: Short swords.
Status: Undead.
Location: Unknown.

Tharun is tall (about 6’3’’) and has a lithe, agile body, with a slender face and long, silvery hair. He wears traditional elven robes, which he tries to keep in good condition.


History of the Sun Kingdom

Tharun was an inhabitant of the elven city of Iparun over 400 years ago. He preferred to spend his time in the forest, contemplating the interrelations between nature and mortals.

400 years ago, Ganya became the first vampire and wreaked devastation on Iparun. Tharun was among the elves massacred and raised as vampire spawn. He served Ganya as a thrall for some 100 years before Ganya relinquished his control.

60 years ago, when the archaeologist Tarik Mbozi ventured into Iparun, Tharun apprehended him and negotiated with him to learn about the progress of human history. He then killed Mbozi and drained his blood, turning him into a vampire. After Mbozi grew comfortable with his life as a vampire, Tharun relinquished his control. He and Mbozi became close confidantes as custodians of Iparun.

The Endless Night

Unlike his master, Tharun was wary of Suldaan’s scheme, which he expected to fail catastrophically, and did not intend to sacrifice his life for the plan. For several decades, he looked for ways to sabotage the scheme without being found out by Ganya, but never made a move.

When the Rivertown Avengers infiltrated Iparun, they found Tharun, Mbozi, and several elven vampires lounging in a ruined meeting hall. Tharun encouraged them to fight Ganya to challenge his faith in Suldaan’s scheme and sent them on their way.

At Ganya’s command, Tharun joined the rest of Ganya’s spawn and traveled to Solspire, where they hid themselves in underground tunnels. After a few days, Ganya led them to attack the Temple of Morimi. Tharun and many other spawn were stationed in the Hall of Judgment to keep the defenders away from the sacred altar. Tharun sensed Ganya’s death at the hands of the Rivertown Avengers, and argued that the spawn should cut their losses and flee the temple. Suldaan’s loyal spawn disagreed. Using illusory magic, Arktos escalated the argument into an all-out brawl, which the Rivertown Avengers joined on Tharun’s side. Tharun thanked them for their cooperation, then fled the temple and escaped with Mbozi into the wilderness.


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