Tarrik Ashmantle

Gruff sellsword looking for a job


Race: Dragonborn.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Sellsword, adventurer.
Implements: Maul.
Status: Alive.
Location: On to adventure!


Tarik came to Nianaqol looking for work. To reach the City on the Lake, he boarded a barge with the Ghostbusters on board. Durza and Alecc convinced him to join them on their quest to deal with the Seed, promising him treasure and battle. He soon proved handy by intimidating their way into the Court of Magic, scaring off a gelatinous cube, and urging a log flume to move faster.

He accompanied them on their mission to the Tomb of the Ancients, battling Tohil and Ryloken, and followed Novie into the tunnels of the giants below. Conferring with Alecc, he helped negotiate a deal with the giants, then cowed them with a show of force when the deal turned south, winning the Ghostbusters safe passage through the tunnels.

Following Novie, he emerged onto the side of Mount Tohil, where the Ghostbusters were confronted by Kukulkan. Tarrik helped take her down by hoisting Kit into the air, allowing her to smite the dragon from the sky. In response, Kukulkan battered Tarrik with thunder and lightning, bringing him close to death, before Kit brought him back from the brink.

He then followed Novie to find the Prince, where he learned the truth about the Seed and the cosmos before seeing the two aliens disappear. Thereafter, he helped Alecc plunder Kukulkan’s corpse for ingredients. When Durza and Kit proposed a mission to travel to other planets, Tarrik agreed to come along, and accompanied them from the Highlands on an adventure.

Tarrik Ashmantle

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