Lord of all su monsters, ate Haru's heart


Race: Su monster.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Status: Alive.
Location: Eastern Jungle Deeps.

Suresh is a monstrous, baboon-like creature standing 15 feet tall, although he slouches to about 10 feet. His skin is a deep, dark maroon, and his body is covered in silvery-white fur. His arms are the longest part of him, close to 10 feet in length, with wicked hands, palms wider than dinner plates. After eating Haru‘s heart, he gained Haru’s arcane powers, knowledge of spells, and bond to his Guardian.


Suresh the Wild

According to mythology, Suresh was the first of the su monsters, an ape granted the spark of magic and intelligence by some mysterious source. In some tales, Suresh gained his power from a magical fruit; in others, he came into existence like this; in still others, he was actually anointed and apprenticed by Ehecatl himself. He was known for his great intellect and duplicitous spirit. Suresh came to dwell in the jungles of the Highlands, surrounded by tribes of his more primal kin, with whom he shared his psychic powers.

At some point, Suresh allied with the hummingbird gods, who sought to conquer the Highlands. They led him to consume the heart of the King of Crabs. However, he soon discovered he was allergic to shellfish.

Suresh terrorized the other jungle creatures until the humans arrived in the Highlands. He laughed Tohil out of the forest when she offered a parlay, but was soon forced out himself by her coordinated military assault. Suresh took his pack of su monsters and fled to the far side of the Eastern Mountain, where he remained for centuries.

Rivalry with Haru

Around 100 years ago, a Noble Mage, Haru, came to the Eastern Mountain for seclusion, claiming the abandoned watchtower as his study. Suresh attempted to kill Haru almost immediately, but was driven off by his Guardian, which saw through his lies. From then on, Suresh and Haru existed in a tense standoff.

Eventually, Suresh learned a dark ritual from the minions of Kukulkan and devised a cunning plan: he distracted Haru’s Guardian long enough to capture Haru and consume his heart, using a magic spell to absorb his essence. Now carrying Haru’s soul within him, Suresh was able to take Haru’s form and access Haru’s knowledge, and was recognized by Haru’s Guardian. Suresh moved into Haru’s tower and assumed his identity, living in seclusion for a century.

The Storm

After a tremendous thunderstorm, a steam-powered airship crashed into the jungle below the tower. Several survivors from the crash (Mansa, Kotero, Alecc, Kit, Durza, and Cain, in addition to XZ-23) approached Suresh/Haru’s tower, and he granted them room for the night. The su monsters attacked two other survivors, but Suresh rescued them with Haru’s Guardian to earn their trust. In the morning, he led them on an expedition to salvage the wreck. Simultaneously, he commanded the su monsters to pillage the ship, intending to either kill the survivors or test their mettle. The survivors fought or frightened off all the su monsters and saved Musa from within the ship.

Halfway up the mountain, Suresh summoned two rune snails to kill the Ghostbusters, triggering a rockfall to separate himself and Kotero from the slaughter. At the same time, “Musa” revealed herself as an impersonator mimic and attacked, killing Mansa. However, Novie and the adventurers killed the rune snails. With Mansa dead, Suresh proposed an alternate plan: he would keep Mansa’s body and Kotero safe in his tower, while the adventurers sought out the real Musa and the Seed.

Conspiracy and Undoing

After the adventurers had left, Suresh began turn Mansa into a revenant, intending to send her to retrieve the Seed. However, he did not finish the ritual before the adventurers returned, seemingly without the Seed. Caught off-guard, he summoned his Guardian and sent Mansa’s undead body to kill them, but was attacked by Kit and dropped 40 feet, causing him great injury.

Suresh then spat out Haru’s heart and returned to his original form. Upon this transformation, Haru’s Guardian realized his treachery and began to attack, but Suresh summoned several su monsters to occupy him. Badly wounded, Suresh climbed to the second floor and attempted to flee, but was stopped by Durza and Novie. Cornered, he told the adventurers that he had warned Kotero of their approach, and could tell them his location if they kept him alive. Novie then knocked him unconscious.

Upon awakening, Suresh offered to point the adventurers towards Kotero, playing him up as the true threat, in exchange for his life. They did not take the bait, and instead resurrected Haru. The mage tersely confronted Suresh, who made no apologies for his conduct. Haru then banished Suresh to the deepest reaches of the jungle, where his terrifying elder siblings dwelled. When the adventurers left Haru’s tower, Suresh was trapped in a headlock by a four-armed gorilla.


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