Tohil's former bodyguard, enforcer of oblivion


Race: Human.
Homeland: Province near the Highlands.
Occupation: Royal bodyguard.
Weapon: Nihil, a sacred obsidian blade.
Status: Destroyed.

Ryloken was a man of wiry muscle in life, who kept his body and weapons hidden under a black cloak. In death, his spirit became enthralled to oblivion and became shadowy and indistinct. After hundreds of years as a guardian, he was reduced to a misty silhouette of himself and his blade.



Ryloken was raised from birth alongside Tohil in a realm beneath the Highlands. At one point, he was betrothed to marry her, but they felt stronger as friends, and annulled the contract. When Tohil became chieftain, Ryloken made himself her bodyguard, protecting her from external threats. He was a solemn and soft-spoken man, an expert at blending in and going unnoticed.

When Tohil led a campaign to create a human civilization in the Highlands, Ryloken accompanied her to every battle, defending her from many magical creatures. Along the way, he created the blade Nihil, which could condemn its target to uncaring oblivion. Ryloken became fascinated with the concept of oblivion, and the practice of completely erasing his targets from the world. When Tohil desired to keep a secret, Ryloken made sure it was so.


When Tohil died, Ryloken killed himself to be buried with her. His commitment to his liege is believed to have inspired the first robotic Guardians created by Noble Mages.

Ryloken continued his guard duty in death, as Tohil revived his spirit to safeguard the Tomb of the Ancients from prying eyes. Nihil survived in spirit form, as well, providing Ryloken with a constant link to oblivion. Over hundreds of years, his spirit began to fade from the world, eventually turning into a silhouette of wisping darkness.

After hundreds of years, someone breached the Tomb and bypassed Ryloken, reaching Tohil’s secret passage. Shortly after, the Ghostbusters arrived and battled Ryloken and Tohil. During the confusion, Novie slipped into the secret passage. Tohil sent Ryloken after Novie, and he began to disintegrate her body. However, Kit attacked from behind and destroyed Ryloken.

Given enough time, Ryloken may materialize once more in the mortal realm, rejoining Tohil for their eternal duty of guarding the giants’ prison.


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