Zealous watershaper with incredible ambitions


Race: Half-elf.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Adventurer.
Weapons: Tooth of Cryonax, longsword, shield.
Status: Unknown.
Location: Four Peaks.


During his adolescence, Rakarn came to despise Ogremoch and Imix. He concluded Ben-Hadar, Prince of Elemental Water, was not doing enough to stop their evil agenda, and aspired to usurp Ben-Hadar and destroy the Princes of Elemental Evil. To that end, he set out on a quest for ultimate elemental power.

Rakarn learned of the Water Orb hidden in the Temple of the Marids and made his way there, where he encountered and allied with the Rivertown Avengers. The Rivertown Avengers gave the Water Orb to Alraii, but Rakarn desired to steal it back.

After obtaining a Lightning Skiff, Rakarn dragged the Rivertown Avengers to the City of Brass, where he led Louis Fisher, the only other adventurer whom Alraii had not met, to gain an audience with Alraii. Rakarn fast-talked Alraii and agreed to a contract to retrieve the Earth Orb, in exchange for the brief use of it and the Water Orb. Having learned of the other four Elemental Orbs, Rakarn desired to obtain all four of them from Alraii.

Rakarn’s scheme was interrupted by Bashamgurda, who held three of the four orbs and sought to retrieve the Earth Orb from the Rivertown Avengers. During the conflict, Rakarn attuned himself to the Water Orb, and used it to help kill Bashamgurda. Alraii asked him to hand it over in exchange for a wish. Instead, Rakarn convinced Alraii to lend him the other three Elemental Orbs, promising only to use them for good. He then wished to be transported to the domain of Ogremoch to defeat the Prince of Elemental Earth.


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