Conniving vampire who sought to rule Rivertown


Race: Human (formerly), vampire.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Brewer (formerly).
Implement: Orb of Dreams.
Status: Destroyed.

Prevara was a 70-year-old woman of relatively tall stature (5’10’’), with long fingers and a tall, wizened face. She wore grey robes and let her curly grey hair fall to her shoulders. She wielded a transfixing black orb that strengthened her spells. Her special vampire ability was the power to manipulate and control mortals’ dreams.


Prevara was born 70 years ago in the eastern savanna, and came to Rivertown after marrying and settling down with a young woman there. She outlived her wife and never had any children, so for a period of 8 years, she lived alone on the outskirts of the village. She regularly attended services at Rivertown Temple, and was a close friend to Hurak.

While she was sleeping, Prevara was killed and drained of blood by Suldaan. Her body was discovered shortly afterward, and she was buried in the temple graveyard with a small service.

Three days later, she rose as a vampire spawn beholden to Suldaan, alongside Baaris and Ciidan. Suldaan led them to Rivertown Temple, where they murdered the acolytes and wounded Hurak. At this point, the Rivertown Avengers arrived and battled the vampires. Durza fired at Prevara from outside the temple, and she followed him outside, where she staggered him with her mental magic. She held off Hurak and the Rivertown Avengers while Suldaan made his getaway. In return, Suldaan released her from his control, and she escaped into the night.

Prevara brought her coffin to Yaxas’ estate and intimidated him into sheltering her. He showed her his secret wine cellar, which she made her base. She planned to pick off Rivertown’s inhabitants one by one, using Yaxas to inspire paranoia and panic among the town, until they fortified their borders and barricaded themselves within. Prevara would then take control of the town and demand regular blood meals. The night after the attack on the temple, she infiltrated the Rivertown Avengers’ dreams and shared with them her vision for the town, hoping to frighten them away.

The Rivertown Avengers were not dissuaded, and began investigating Rivertown to find Prevara. Prevara bid Yaxas propose and finance the construction of the wall around Rivertown. She also bid him call a nighttime meeting of townsfolk who were concerned about the vampire attacks at his estate. During the meeting, she emerged and hypnotized the townsfolk, then sent them to kill the Rivertown Avengers in the inn. She then departed to prowl the town, and killed a young man who worked at the tailors’ shop. When she returned to Yaxas’ estate, Yaxas informed her that he had trapped the Rivertown Avengers in the wine cellar for her to eliminate. She trapped Durza and Arktos with a spell of dark dreams, leaving Louis Fisher and Mraena to battle her in the hallway. While Prevara was attempting to retreat, Durza overcame her spell and fired a crossbow bolt through her skull. As her body crumbled, Prevara told the Rivertown Avengers that Suldaan would bring about an endless night, and they were powerless to stop him. Mraena then conjured a burst of water and blasted her apart.


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