Shadow demon bounty hunter after San Holo


Race: Demon.
Homeland: The Abyss.
Occupation: Bounty hunter (formerly), servant of Furfur.
Status: Alive.
Location: Furfur’s layer of the Abyss.

Penumbra is a shadow demon, a living silhouette with wicked horns, long talons, and bat-like wings.


Penumbra was summoned from the Abyss and came to serve Habba the Jutt as a bounty hunter. When San Holo crossed Habba the Jutt and made an escape in a stolen Lightning Skiff, Penumbra and his two lackeys, Tentaculus and Tendrilla, gave chase.

Penumbra tracked the lightning skiff to Rheilvalt, and subsequently to the City of Brass. When the Rivertown Avengers returned to the lightning skiff, Penumbra, Tentaculus, and Tendrilla ambushed Rakarn, taking him to be San Holo. Tentaculus and Tendrilla were slain, and Penumbra narrowly escaped being run over by the lightning skiff, as piloted by Chilgun. He slipped into the shadows, telling Rakarn he’d not seen the last of him.

Penumbra followed “San Holo” to the Shattered Mountain, where he witnessed a host of gargoyles from the Cult of Ogremoch plunder the Earth Orb from an asteroid. He warned the gargoyles that some adventurers were on their trail, and stayed behind with several of them to ambush his quarry.

When the Rivertown Avengers rested partway through the asteroid, Penumbra launched his attack on Rakarn. Rakarn instead teleported Penumbra into the midst of the adventurers, where he was sorely wounded. Penumbra attempted to flee, but his path was blocked by Louis and Ambrose, and Durza knocked him out with a shot to a nerve cluster.

Penumbra was revived and interrogated by Furfur, and told the Rivertown Avengers what he had seen of the Cult of Ogremoch. He suggested they hurry to deeper within the asteroid, where they might find the last dao still alive. Furfur then slit his throat, sending Penumbra back to the Abyss.

When Furfur returned to the Abyss, Penumbra manifested and declared his fealty to her, as per right of conquest.


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