Militant goblin duke who sheltered Masduuli


Race: Goblin.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Duke of the Goblin Marshes.
Weapon: Dragon-acid blade.
Status: Deceased.

Orukan was tall for a goblin, about 4’5’’, with tufted brown-green fur. He wore a suit of boiled leather armor and a crude metal helmet. He wielded a wicked short sword imbued with Masduuli’s acidic breath.


Orukan inherited rulership of the Goblin Marshes from his mother, just ahead of Amakhadi, his younger sister. He was appointed Duke Orukan when his mother was killed by giant centipedes. Blaming humans for the goblins’ wretched living conditions, Orukan led the goblin tribe to increase raids on Rivertown and merchant caravans.

Within the past 5 years, Orukan happened upon the young dragon Masduuli hiding, wounded, in the marshes after her mother was slain by adventurers. He nursed her back to health and gave her a home in the Goblin Shipwreck, teaching her to hate and resent humans.

At Suldaan‘s behest, the Rivertown Avengers ventured into the Goblin Marshes to investigate three suspicious deaths in Rivertown. They entered the Goblin Shipwreck and requested an audience with Orukan, which Amakhadi granted. Orukan entertained a brief conversation with Louis Fisher, who amused him. Orukan was nearly convinced to let the humans go, before Masduuli attacked them, demanding vengeance on humans. Orukan made up his mind and joined the battle against the Rivertown Avengers, where he cut down Mraena and wounded Arktos. Arktos released a burst of concussive force that shattered the chamber’s floorboards, and Orukan was impaled on one of the jagged boards.


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