Duplicitous twin who stole the Seed


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Engineer/musician on the S.S. (Salt Ship) Innovation.
Weapons: The Seed (formerly).
Status: Alive.
Location: The Sun Kingdom.

As an engineer, Musa wore light clothing and tended to forego her tool belt for more aesthetic outfits. She was an agile climber, but her legs were badly damaged in the wreck. Afterwards, her wounds were healed by the application of sap from the Seed. Prolonged exposure to the Seed caused bark and branches to grow over and into her body, turning her into a dryad-like creature. However, she has since been freed of the invasive plant growth and restored to her human form.

Musa believes in profit, intending to sell out the Salt Ship and the Seed for a hefty sum of money. She was even willing to deceive her more honorable sister, although she intended to share the money with her. After being transformed by the Seed, she claimed to have seen glimpses of “the truth”, which made her detached from worldly concerns and familial bonds.



Musa and her twin sister, Mansa, were born about 20 years ago in the Sun Kingdom. They came to work on a steam-powered airship, one of the first of its kind. This ship accepted an offer to fly several loads of salt, concealing an artifact hidden by Kotero, the Seed, to the land of Ekyrge.

After learning of the Seed, Musa saw an opportunity for profit. Kukulkan’s minions requested the Seed be smuggled to the Highlands, where they would board the ship and steal the treasure. The cultists gave her a dragon feather as a token of their partnership and a sign of her loyalty.

During the voyage, Musa influenced Captain Detza to take a shortcut near the Highlands valley. She was preparing to sabotage the engines and force a repair landing when Kukulkan attacked, betraying her and wrecking the ship. Alerted by Cain, Musa went to the engine room to fix a leak, but was caught in an explosion and trapped in the wrecked ship.

On the Run

Musa survived the crash, but lay unconscious for some time (during which, a mimic adopted her form). Upon awaking, Musa found the Seed and took it for herself, moving further inland and sweeping her tracks with the dragon feather that had been given to her. Musa headed across the plains and into the Fey Forest, dragging the Seed with her. She passed through the Robbers’ Ruin and several other locations. Along the way, the Seed’s plant growth defended her and it from monsters., including two lizardfolk whom she impaled.

Over time, the Seed began to transform Musa into a creature of plant matter, and she began to see the truth of the Seed’s origins. She created the Bramble Grove as a fortress for herself. When Cain, Alecc, and Kit arrived, she told them of her previous scheme and her subsequent transformation, then prepared to kill them where they stood. She created several monstrous vines that thrashed Kit and Alecc, and ensnared Cain in a briar cage, soundly defeating the three of them. However, XZ-23, imbued with new, hellish power and purpose, arrived and relentlessly attacked Musa, eventually blasting the bark from her body and knocking her unconscious.


When Musa awoke, XZ-23 brought her up to speed on all that had transpired, including the death of her sister Mansa. Distraught and guilt-ridden, Musa apologized to the adventurers, feeling that all this tragedy was her fault. She accompanied them back to the Eastern Mountain Tower, but when Haru did not answer the door and the party became suspicious, she stayed outside with XZ-23 and Alecc.

The Ghostbusters invited her inside after defeating Suresh. Once the true Haru had been resurrected, Alecc resurrected Mansa, and she shared a tearful reunion with Musa, who confessed her role in Kukulkan’s attack. Mansa mostly forgave Musa for her betrayal, knowing that she had not planned all the misery and death that came of it. The twins then agreed to stay in the Eastern Mountain Tower with Haru, avoiding any further adventures.

Haru eventually secured transport for Mansa and Musa back to the Sun Kingdom. Bidding the Highlands goodbye, they returned home to begin work on a new career.


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