Orphaned dragon out for revenge


Race: Black dragon.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Warlord.
Status: Alive.
Location: Unknown.

Masduuli is a young black dragon with stubby horns and a long, slim body. She has webbed feet and has built up a powerful swimming ability from her time in the marshes.



Approximately 15 years ago, Masduuli hatched from an egg laid by Sikari the Treacherous in a swamp near the south of the Sun Kingdom. Sikari raised her carefully, keeping her close to their partially submerged lair while she taught her to swim, fly, and use her acidic breath.

In a conflict over elephant prey, Sikari was wounded by Zudan the Terrible. Sikari flew back to a town near the swamp and attempted to eat some of its villagers to recover her health. However, several human warriors banded together and brought down Sikari, killing her. The village led a war band to plunder Sikari’s cave, from which Masduuli barely escaped.

Goblin Marshes

Distraught, Masduuli made her way north, into the Goblin Marshes, where she hunted giant frogs. However, the frogs were not enough to sustain her appetite, and she began to starve. Masduuli was eventually found by a hunting party of goblins led by Orukan. The goblins intended to kill her, but Orukan, who had heard of Sikari’s death, asked Masduuli about her past. He offered her food and shelter and brought her back to the Goblin Shipwreck.

Masduuli stayed in Orukan’s chambers, which were connected to the marsh through a submerged hole in the shipwreck. Orukan told her of the goblins’ history of oppression by the humans, and that she should seek revenge for her mother’s death. He also taught her to imbue his blade with her acidic breath.

After several weeks, the Rivertown Avengers arrived at the Goblin Shipwreck, and gained an audience to Orukan’s chambers. Masduuli watched Orukan negotiate with Louis Fisher and begin coming to an agreement. Masduuli then breached the water and attacked Durza, urging Orukan to make the adventurers pay for the humans’ crimes. Orukan agreed to battle them, and together they felled all but Arktos. However, Arktos mustered his magic and killed Orukan, before beginning to revive his comrades. Knowing she could not stand against all four adventurers alone, Masduuli fled through the submerged tunnel and flew away from the Goblin Marshes.


Having lost her mother and her father figure to human warriors, Masduuli began to nurse a terrible hatred for humans. She made contact with several tribes of goblins, including Orukan’s, promising they would rise up and seize the kingdom from the humans. She began sending goblin emissaries to the gnolls in the savanna and the lizardfolk in the jungle to expand her alliance. However, she found it difficult to unite the different groups, and her planned revolution has not yet materialized.


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