Surprisingly well-spoken manticore


Race: Manticore.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Highway robber.
Status: Alive.
Location: Robbers’ Ruin.

Kylas is a large manticore with a heavyset jaw and dim, beady eyes. Despite his brutish looks, he is very well-spoken, although he is still not very bright, and preferred to let his allies do the thinking. He has a great passion for humanoid flesh, and desires to taste as many variant flavors as possible.


Kylas is native to the forests of the Highlands. At some point, he attacked Krano, who held his own and convinced Kylas to join him in the field of highway robbery. With Kylas’ might, Krano was able to take down larger caravans and steal their treasure, while feeding the bodies to Kylas. They made their base in a giant, ruined structure in the forest.

Recently, a line of trees sprouted through their base, and Krano ordered Kylas to clear the trees for burning. Krano then spotted Novie and mounted Kylas to attack. Cain revealed himself and killed Krano, and Kylas became curious about the taste of deva flesh. Kylas chased Cain into a crumbling hallway and nearly brought him down, but was distracted by Novie. Both adventurers then fled, leaving Kylas alone in the ruin.


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