Arcane scholar who unearthed the Seed


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Scholar/alchemist, cabal member.
Status: Alive.
Location: Unknown.

Kotero is a bookish, elderly man with a short beard and a single earring. He wears a heavy coat that hides his many notebooks, quills, and arcane reagents. His spectacles were broken in the crash, but repaired with regenerative crystal.


Uncovering the Seed

Kotero is a member of an international cabal of arcane scholars; among their ranks, he represents the Sun Kingdom. Recently, he led an excavation on a tropical isle to the south of the Sun Kingdom for magical crystals. The miners instead found a magical artifact nestled within a massive labyrinth of floral growth, which Kotero dubbed “the Seed”. Kotero wrote down his initial observations, then carefully extracted the Seed for transport to Ekyrge, where his colleague would help him study its properties. Kotero hired Captain Detza’s airship to transport the Seed, buried within assloads of salt to both hide it from prying eyes and suppress its wild power.

Wreck of the Salt Ship

Halfway through the voyage, however, Kukulkan attacked and wrecked the vessel. Mansa led Kotero, along with Cain, Durza, Alecc, and Kit, to the paragliders abovedecks, and helped them abandon the ship and land safely on the mountain below. Cain then led the group to an enormous tower higher up the mountain for help, where they met Haru. Kotero demanded the group salvage the wreckage immediately, and told them of the power and urgency of the Seed. However, he was talked down, and the group instead rested for the night.

In the morning, Haru led the party to the wreck of the salt ship, where they fought off su monsters and rescued Musa from the debris. However, the Seed was not in the wreckage. On the way back to the tower, through a boulder pass, Kotero walked ahead with Haru, discussing the arcane methodology of heart-eating. Rune snails then cut them off from the group with a rockfall. Haru shifted the rocks to find Musa was an impersonator mimic and had killed Mansa. Haru decided to take Mansa’s body back to his tower for safekeeping while the party searched for Musa, the Seed, and Kukulkan. Kotero agreed to accompany Haru.


A few days later, the Ghostbusters returned to Haru’s tower and exposed him as Suresh. Kotero had disappeared, and Suresh claimed that he had fled the tower, planning nefarious efforts against the adventurers.

With Suresh banished, Kukulkan slain, and the Seed in transit to Novie’s home world, Kotero’s whereabouts and true motives remain unknown.


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