Former lord of Irdoc Morda


Race: Iron archon.
Homeland: The Elemental Chaos.
Occupation: Lord of Irdoc Morda.
Weapons: Greatsword, Earth Orb.
Status: Destroyed.

Kharis was a titanic iron archon, standing 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide at the shoulder. Its six-inch-thick armor was decorated in black and gold hints and a tunic bearing the symbols of Ogremoch. The interior of its body was clouded with toxic dust. Kharis wielded a 10-foot gilded greatsword with serrated edges.


Kharis was forged in the fiery heart of Irdoc Morda to serve as its lord. It presided over the fortress for hundreds of years, overseeing the creation of new archons and the building of Ogremoch’s armies.

When Stick and his cohort of gargoyles retrieved the Earth Orb, they brought it back to Irdoc Morda, where Kharis took possession of it and stowed it in its throne room. The Rivertown Avengers subsequently breached the throne room, and Ambrose attempted to negotiate with Kharis. When they tried to steal the Earth Orb, Kharis engaged them in combat, dueling Rakarn and Durza. Ambrose deployed a grey ooze he had collected that ate away at Kharis’ armor, causing it to leak toxic dust from within. Felled by the adventurers’ might, Kharis collapsed to the ground, crushing Stick in the process.

The archons later crafted a new lord of Irdoc Morda.


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