Dutiful captain of the Rivertown Guard


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Captain of the Rivertown Guard.
Weapons: Longspear, shield.
Status: Alive.
Location: Rivertown.

Jalah stands about 5’11’’, with a solid but not broad-shouldered build, mostly wiry muscle. He has black hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. Jalah wears the uniform of the Rivertown Guard, chain mail with a few armor plates and the crest of Rivertown. He carries a spear and a shield.


Jalah was born in Rivertown 26 years ago and joined the Rivertown Guard out of a desire to protect the community that raised him. Three years ago, the former captain of the guard retired to look after his farm, and named Jalah his successor, making him the youngest guard captain in over 40 years. Jalah takes the responsibility very seriously.

When Baaris, Prevara, and Ciidan, each the picture of health, were found dead in their sleep within several nights of each other, Jalah suspected foul play, and led the guards in an investigation of the town. However, he failed to uncover any evidence suggesting the killer, or even the method of murder before the bodies were buried.

Three nights later, Jalah accompanied several guards called to Rivertown Temple, which had been the site of a battle between the Rivertown Avengers and the three bodies, now raised as vampires. The Rivertown Avengers wanted to pursue the killer, Suldaan, who had escaped, but Jalah and Hurak persuaded them to remain in Rivertown and secure it from the remaining vampires, Baaris and Prevara. Jalah mobilized the Rivertown Guard and began an investigation.

The next day, the mayor held a town meeting, where Yaxas proposed building a wall around Rivertown’s borders to keep out threats like vampires, and offered funding for the project. Jalah voiced his support for the wall, despite opposition from the Rivertown Avengers and various townsfolk.

The following evening, the city guard was called to investigate a conflict between the Rivertown Avengers and several townsfolk in the inn. When questioned, the townsfolk stated they had been hypnotized by Prevara, and the Rivertown Avengers claimed Yaxas was sheltering Prevara in his estate. Several guards placed Yaxas’ estate under lockdown and performed a thorough search, while other summoned Jalah.

Jalah kept Yaxas under house arrest for several hours, until a guard found the Rivertown Avengers had been trapped in Yaxas’ secret wine cellar, where they had killed Prevara. Jalah then took Yaxas into custody and seized his holdings. Within his estate, Jalah found a great sum of money and several magic items given to Yaxas as payment by Suldaan. Not wanting to fill out the paperwork regarding seized magic items, he gave them to the Rivertown Avengers and wiped them from the record.


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