Mage of the Eastern Mountain


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Noble Mage.
Implement: Wand of Elemental Prowess (formerly), staff.
Status: Alive (resurrected).
Location: Eastern Mountain Tower.

Haru is an old man with many tattoos and accessories signifying his arcane power.

His Guardian is a tall, hulking creation of metal, twine and wood, with a broad, eyeless helm, wide shoulders, and fists strong enough to crush stone. It can create rings of force to immobilize enemies and force shields to protect its master.


Original life (90+ YA)

Haru was ordained as a Noble Mage of the Highlands Empire approximately 120 years ago. During his apprenticeship, he crafted his Guardian out of metal, twine, and wood, imbuing it with a portion of his soul. He eventually claimed the Eastern Mountain as his territory, setting up shop in an enormous, ruined tower near its apex.

Haru studied the native flora and fauna on the mountain and the weather patterns that passed by the Highlands. He frequently conflicted with the su monsters and their master, Suresh. However, Haru’s potent arcane wards and defenses, in addition to his Guardian, were always enough to repel Suresh’s attacks.

Eventually, Suresh overcame Haru in his bedchamber and consumed his heart, using a dark ritual to absorb his powers and soul. Suresh deceived Haru’s Guardian and assumed Haru’s identity for the next 90 years. Haru’s body was left in his bedchamber.


After 90 years, the Rivertown Avengers met Suresh, posing as Haru, and allied with him to retrieve the Seed. They finished their mission before he anticipated, and returned to the Eastern Mountain Tower, where they found Haru’s skeleton. In combat, they bloodied Suresh, causing him to vomit up Haru’s heart and revert to his original form. His Guardian then learned the truth of Suresh’s deception, and attempted to destroy Suresh in retaliation.

After interrogating Suresh, Alecc resurrected Haru using his heart. Haru was disoriented upon his return to life, but quickly remembered Suresh and their ancient feud. After a brief conversation, Haru banished Suresh to the darkest reaches of the eastern jungle, into the realm of his horrifying elder siblings. He then thanked the adventurers for their help and offered to return the favor. Alecc asked him to study the mysterious Seed, which Haru thought similar to relics found in ancient ruins. He urged them to take it to Nianaqol for study by the noble mages. (Haru also tried to divine whether or not bees were following Kit, but his divining arch shorted out.)

Before the adventurers left, Haru approached Novie, who reminded him of an ancient carving unearthed in a ruin near Nianaqol. Via Haru’s translating stylus, Novie asked, “Where is he?” Haru did not understand, but told her where to find the carving, and wished her luck. He then set about repairing his tower, his Guardian, and his magical equipment.


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