Mage of the Eastern Mountain


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Noble Mage.
Implement: Staff.
Status: Alive.
Location: Eastern Mountain Tower.

Haru is an old man with many tattoos and accessories signifying his arcane power. In the comfort of his home, he wears twine robes of maroon with silver gilding. In the jungle, he wears a different, more protective outfit.

His Guardian is a tall, hulking creation of metal and wood with a broad, eyeless helm, wide shoulders, and fists strong enough to crush stone.


Haru is a Mage of the Highlands. During his early years, he crafted his Guardian out of metal and wood, imbuing it with a portion of his soul. He eventually claimed the easternmost mountain as his territory, setting up shop in an enormous, ruined tower near its apex. Haru studied the native flora and fauna on the mountain, including the su monsters and thunderfury boars, and the weather patterns that passed by the Highlands.

Haru observed a tremendous thunderstorm that appeared with no warning to the east of his mountain, and subsequently saw an airship crash into the jungle below his tower. Cain, Durza, Mansa, Kotero, and XZ-23 later arrived at his tower, where his Guardian greeted them. Judging them to be of noble intent, the Guardian introduced them to Haru, and they asked for his help against the Feathered Dragon. Haru offered them guest rooms in his tower, then began scanning the jungle with his spells for other survivors. He observed Kit and Alecc pursued by su monsters and sent his Guardian to rescue them, teleporting them to the tower. The group elected to rest for the night and salvage the wreckage for the “Seed” in the morning.

The next day, Haru awoke the party and led them into the jungle, cautioning them away from the more dangerous areas. They found the wreck crawling with su monsters eating its spilled salt, and Haru sensed a feeble mortal life within the wreck. Alecc frightened most of the su monsters away by mimicking the dragon’s roar, but a handful of su monsters remained and attacked the group. Haru stood back, watching the PCs fight, until the su monsters were driven off. Kit questioned Haru about the su monsters, whose magical abilities resembled his own spells, and Haru explained that the monsters had psychic powers. He then helped them excavate the wreckage, rescuing Musa.

Haru led the group, plus Musa, through a boulder pass up the mountain to avoid the su monsters. While the rest of the party encountered Novie, Haru and his Guardian walked ahead with Kotero, discussing the cult of the heart-eaters. Two rune snails then attacked, causing a rockfall that cut Haru, his Guardian, and Kotero off from the group. He and his Guardian shifted the rocks over the course of several minutes. They found the party with two rune snails and Mansa’s dead bodies, and an unconscious impersonator mimic that had been imitating Musa. Haru identified the mimic and helped the party interrogate it, learning Musa had survived the wreck, before Durza permanently dispatched it. Thinking similarly to Cain, Haru suggested he keep Mansa’s body and Kotero at his tower while the party left to find Musa, the Seed, and the Feathered Dragon.


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