Volcanic dragon who attacked Pelemaka Springs


Race: Volcanic dragon.
Homeland: The Elemental Chaos.
Status: Destroyed.

Ghadab was a volcanic dragon, his stocky body comprised of rock, magma, and flame. Sulfuric vapors constantly built up within his body from his obsidian heart, leaking out through the cracks in his form.


Ghadab was tormented by the twin fire demons Braxis and Braxo, driving him mad with rage and turning him to the worship of Imix, the evil Prince of Elemental Fire. He took shelter in the magma chamber beneath Pelemaka Springs, feeding his power into the volcano with the intent of destroying the town. He created several magma beasts to prevent entry into his lair.

The Rivertown Avengers stopped in Pelemaka Springs for repairs to their river-craft and were hired by Barazhad, the proprietor of the springs, to investigate the disturbances. Ghadab opened a rift to create a caustic geyser and fought the Rivertown Avengers, alongside Braxis and Braxo. He brought Stick and Mraena close to death, but their allies focused their attacks on Ghadab, weakening him until the pressures building up inside his body blasted him apart.


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