Tentacled demon who guarded the Water Orb


Race: Demon.
Homeland: The Abyss.
Occupation: Servant of Dagon (formerly), guardian of the Water Orb (formerly), servant of Furfur.
Status: Alive.
Location: Furfur’s layer of the Abyss.

Gamigin is huge, over 30 feet long from mouth to tail. He resembles an emerald green viperfish, with the addition of several long tentacles along his body, which resemble kelp strands, and luminous yellow eyes spotting his skin. His teeth are like five-foot silver needles.


Gamigin took shape in the Abyss as a corrupted spirit of drowning. He took up residence in Shadowsea and came to serve the demon lord Dagon.

Hundreds of years ago, a marid beseeched Dagon for help defending the Temple of the Marids from invaders. Gamigin was one of the demons dispatched by Dagon to repel the invaders, which he did. He was then stationed in the temple’s flooded vault to guard the Water Orb. Gamigin coveted the Water Orb and wished to be freed from his contract so that he could take it for himself.

When the Rivertown Avengers entered the vault, Gamigin attempted to disguise his tentacles as kelp strands to lure the adventurers in closer. Not fooled, Mraena impaled one of his tentacles with a spear, and Gamigin attacked, creating a whirlpool with the Water Orb and dragging Mraena and Durza into the water. Rakarn attacked Gamigin and teleported him out of the water onto the vault’s elevator, where his true form was revealed. Badly wounded, Gamigin cut the chains of the elevator and plunged everyone into the water. He dove to the bottom of the whirlpool to drown them with the Water Orb, but Furfur followed him and sliced his body into ribbons. Gamigin’s body disintegrated, and his consciousness returned to the Abyss.

When Furfur returned to the Abyss, Gamigin manifested and pledged his loyalty to her, by right of conquest.


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