Feathered Dragon

Storm dragon out to collect the Seed


Race: Blue dragon.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Status: Alive.
Location: Unknown.

The dragon has a long, sinuous body, with slender limbs and horns. Over its blue scales, it has a coat of silver feathers. Lightning crackles from its eyes and fangs, and arcs between its wounds when it is bloodied.


The dragon learned that the Seed was held in the cargo hold of a salt ship headed to Ekyrge. As the ship passed by the Highlands, the dragon conjured a thunderstorm around the ship and then made strafing attacks, brutalizing the ship’s balloon, engine, and hull. It then attacked the bow of the ship, killing its captain and destroying its steering console. Kit, Alecc, Durza, and Cain fought back while the dragon struck the ship with lightning bolts, killing most of the crew. Working together, the group pulled the ship and dragon closer together and attacked the dragon, wounding its wing and torso. Alecc then struck it with a ramming spell, stunning it and knocking it out of the sky. The dragon plummeted into the stormclouds and disappeared.

The next morning, XZ-23 found a single feather belonging to the dragon in the wreckage. Over the course of the day, the party realized that Musa had survived the wreck and escaped, possibly dragging the Seed with her, and suspected the dragon had searched the ship and failed to find it.

That night, the party rounded the eastern mountain while tracking Musa. After descending into the Highlands valley, they were attacked by the dragon, who bombarded them with lightning bolts, and scattered.

Feathered Dragon

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