Bloody Marid

Last, desperate defender of the Temple of the Marids


Race: Genie (marid).
Homeland: The Elemental Chaos.
Occupation: Defender of the Temple of the Marids.
Status: Destroyed.

“Bloody Marid” resembled an ordinary marid, with blue skin and feminine features. In place of water, however, her hair, mouth, and open wounds oozed blood, staining her blue skin a mottled purple-brown. She wore sodden kelp robes and several protective amulets, most of which had decayed over the millennia.


“Bloody Marid” was a marid charged with protecting the Water Orb, one of the four Elemental Orbs, which was kept in the Temple of the Marids.

Hundreds of years ago, the temple was besieged by Bashamgurda’s fire archons, who slew many of the marids, leaving her among the last standing, albeit heavily wounded. In desperation, she traced a magic circle with her own blood, praying to the demon lord Dagon to keep the temple and the Water Orb out of outsiders’ hands. Dagon answered her prayer and sent a host of demons to repel the invaders. He also imbued her bleeding body with the curse of unlife, dooming her to walk the temple’s halls as one of its defenders. She tended to haunt the chamber where she had lain dying, in the eastern wing of the temple.

The Rivertown Avengers eventually breached the Temple of the Marids, and entered the room where she was sequestered. She emerged from the water to drown them in blood, but was dispatched by Rakarn and Stick, freeing her from Dagon’s curse.

Bloody Marid

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