Barge Lady

The woman, the myth, the legend


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Barge lady (formerly), CEO of interplanar boating business.
Weapon: Oar.
Status: Alive.
Location: Rheilvalt.

“Barge Lady” is an elderly woman with a muscular physique and well-worn skin due to her many decades of work. She used to carry a heavy oar at all times, which she now has mounted on her office wall as a symbol.


Barge Lady was born 60-70 years ago in the Rivertown area, and came to work as a barge lady, ferrying people and objects across the Cayeher River for little pay. She and her husband remained in this line of work for several decades, even after Yaxas cornered the market on river transportation, causing much of their work to dry up.

When the Rivertown Avengers returned from the Goblin Marshes to Rivertown late at night, they employed Barge Lady to ferry them across the river to Rivertown. She rowed them across while halfheartedly listening to the story of their adventure and complaining about the tough times facing her business. The Rivertown Avengers resolved to help her business succeed.

The Rivertown Avengers soon helped to expose Yaxas for conspiring with and harboring vampires. He was arrested and his holdings seized. The Rivertown Avengers gave a large share of his assets to Barge Lady. Several weeks later, they won the favor of the Temple of Morimi for defending it from vampires. They again gave much of their funds to Barge Lady.

Barge Lady’s business became highly prosperous, and she began to expand to other markets, including the Elemental Chaos. She hired Kudan, a wandering lizard man, and set up a boat store in Rheilvalt. Alraii purchased the shop’s most exquisite river-craft for the Rivertown Avengers, who were reunited with Barge Lady when they came to collect it. She remained disinterested in their adventures.

Barge Lady

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