Young mage on a quest for knowledge


Race: Human.
Homeland: Unknown.
Occupation: Apprentice (formerly), adventurer.
Implement: Fireburst Wand of Accuracy, Wand of Elemental Prowess.
Status: Alive.
Location: On to adventure!


Early life

Alecc hails from a small village, where he learned about the wonders of the world from an old wizard. On his own time, he developed skill with arcane magic. One day, the wizard’s tower was reduced to flaming rubble, and he disappeared. Alecc concluded the wizard was too weak to fight off whatever had attacked him, and sought out more arcane power.

Alecc boarded an airship carrying salt to Ekyrge, where he found he didn’t take well to flying. Halfway through the voyage, the ship was attacked by Kukulkan. Alecc’s first few spells missed the dragon, but he managed to land several hits as Cain brought it closer to the ship. Focusing all his energy, he attacked Kukulkan with a ramming spell, knocking her out of the sky. He then donned a paraglider and jumped ship, arriving in the mysterious Highlands.

The Highlands

Alecc took shelter in Haru‘s tower and learned of the mysterious Seed from Kotero, the source of Kukulkan’s fury. After Mansa‘s untimely death, he set out with the Ghostbusters to find Musa and retrieve the Seed, dodging Kukulkan’s attacks along the way. When they returned, they found Haru had betrayed them, and exposed him as Suresh. Alecc then used his teachings to resurrect Mansa and the true Haru, who gifted him his wand of elemental prowess.

Alecc set off with the other Ghostbusters to Nianaqol to solve the mystery of the Seed. There, they were hired by Akhoza to find the missing Prince and return him to Nianaqol. They followed Novie to the Tomb of the Ancients, and beneath it, encountering giants along the way.

Upon emerging, they were again attacked by Kukulkan, but this time, they were prepared. Alecc’s initial volley of spells brought Kukulkan to the ground and let his allies wound her, but when she broke free, she badly wounded him with lightning and thunder, forcing him to retreat. However, she was handily defeated by Kit and Cain.

Alecc then followed Novie to find the Prince, who revealed that he, Novie, and the Seed were extraterrestrial organisms. Shortly afterwards, they entered a flying saucer and exited the atmosphere. Alecc was left dumbfounded, and realized his previous disdain for knowledge was foolish and naive, for there remained much for him and humanity to learn. He then allied with Kit, Durza, and Tarrik Ashmantle to journey to other planets.


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