Acting regent of the Highlands


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Highlands.
Occupation: Royal advisor (formerly), regent (temporarily).
Status: Alive.
Location: Nianaqol Palace.

Akhoza is a physically imposing woman with stern features and a confident gait. Despite this, she is uncomfortable in the regalia of a ruler, and is visibly stressed from her duties as regent. She wears ornate garb comparable to that of a royal, but slightly more subdued.


Akhoza grew up in the Highlands and always aspired to live in the Royal District of Nianaqol, helping to govern the magical realm. She got her wish through hard work and sacrifice, becoming an advisor to the royal line in her old age. She worked closely with the Prince, especially after the rest of the royal family was wiped out.

Like the rest of the Royal District, Akhoza was stunned when the Prince disappeared from Nianaqol. As the most learned woman present, she was appointed regent while efforts to find the Prince were underway. As regent, Akhoza began to turn the realm upside down in search of the Prince. She received reports of increased activity from Kukulkan and her Heart Eaters, and assigned several agents to investigate those leads.

When the Ghostbusters arrived in Nianaqol, Akhoza heard of their report about the Seed to the Court of Magic. She declared their existence a state secret and covered their tracks completely, in preparation for their possible disappearance. She then intercepted their excursion in Nianaqol with Zibari, Noble Mage of Defense, to request their help in finding the missing Prince. The Ghostbusters warned her of their struggles against Kukulkan, and she promised to step up defenses against them.

The Ghostbusters were unable to return the Prince to Nianaqol, as Novie had escorted him and the Seed back to their home world. Akhoza continues the search for a new ruler.


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