Avid archaeologist who helped fight vampires


Race: Human.
Homeland: The Sun Kingdom.
Occupation: Archaeologist.
Status: Alive.
Location: Unknown.

Akeko is a young woman of average height and weight, muscled and worn from her excursions into the wilderness to excavate ancient ruins. She wears hardy outdoor clothing and carries a backpack filled with tomes.


Early life

Akeko was born in Solspire about 25 years ago, where she became fascinated with the history of the Sun Kingdom and its gods. She studied the works of Tarik Mbozi and aspired to someday complete his exploration of Iparun, where he had disappeared decades prior.

After several years as an archaeologist, including explorations to ruins left by gnolls, goblins, and humans alike, Akeko gathered the funds for a journey to Iparun and traveled to Woodhaven. She approached the Rivertown Avengers when they arrived and hired them to as bodyguards for her trek into the jungle. The Rivertown Avengers agreed, expecting to find their nemesis Suldaan within Iparun, and the group set off from Woodhaven.

Exploration of Iparun

Halfway to Iparun, Akeko and her bodyguards were attacked by lizardfolk. Akeko instantly recognized the poison on their darts, and warned her bodyguards, although the lizardfolk still briefly subdued Louis Fisher and Arktos. After one raider attacked Akeko, she took cover behind a tree until the Rivertown Avengers had recovered and driven off the lizardfolk. Akeko thanked them for their service, and they continued on their journey.

Akeko led the group to the ruins of Iparun, where they were sighted by roaming lizardfolk, and took shelter in the Temple of Abuk. While exploring the temple, the Rivertown Avengers encountered a vengeful specter and found a diary written in Elven. Akeko translated the diary and learned it was a political record kept by an elf named Ganya.

Moving deeper into the temple, they found elven skeletons arranged in the walls, which Akeko theorized to be the bodies of the condemned, as most elves would have traditionally been buried in the earth. Several skeletons rose and attacked them, but Akeko’s bodyguards destroyed them. Arriving at a seeming dead end, Akeko spotted a door hidden by an illusion, and they moved into the next room.

After a skeleton triggered a pressure plate, the room’s doors slammed shut and the room began to fill with water. While her bodyguards fought the skeletons, Akeko ran to the door and miraculously wrenched it open, allowing some water to drain out and buying Durza more time to disable the trap mechanism.

The group proceeded deeper into the temple and rested near an underground well. When Louis lowered Durza into the well to retrieve treasure resting at the bottom, another specter attacked the group. Akeko was struck by its psychic screams, which caused her to break down until she was comforted by Mraena.

After several hours of fitful sleep, the group rose and explored more of the temple. In one room, they encountered Tharun and several vampires, including Tarik Mbozi. Akeko briefly spoke with him, but Tharun demanded the mortals leave before they could continue their discussion.

Akeko’s group passed through a conservatory, where Akeko began to translate Elven runes in the walls, until she was attacked by a malevolent mass of vines, and vampires attacked her bodyguards. The vines attempted to strangle Akeko, but she freed herself, and realized that the vines were controlled by the restless spirit of an elf whose coffin was suspended from the ceiling. Akeko ran to a pulley to lower the coffin, but a vampire stabbed her from behind, causing her to lose consciousness. Mraena healed her wounds after the battle.

After fighting another specter and exploring a bedroom prepared by Suldaan, the group gained entry to the temple’s inner sanctum, where the Rivertown Avengers prepared to fight Suldaan. Instead, they encountered Ganya, who attacked them with devastating power. Louis advised Akeko to flee the sanctum and destroy Suldaan’s coffin with a machete. She did so and returned to the sanctum, where the Rivertown Avengers had driven off Ganya temporarily. The group then fled the city, running nonstop through the jungle while pursued by a host of vampires, only letting up when they crossed a flowing river and drew near Woodhaven.

The Endless Night

Now knowing of Suldaan’s conspiracy, Akeko vowed to help the Rivertown Avengers stop him, and suspended her research efforts. The group set off from Woodhaven for Solspire. Stopping to rest, they found signs of disturbance in a forest near the road. Akeko found an elven earring, and realized that Ganya and his vampires had outpaced them on the trek to Solspire. The group doubled their pace for the remainder of their journey.

In Solspire, Akeko accompanied Louis and Mraena on their visit to the Temple of Morimi, where they allied with Orin to stop the vampires. Akeko left with Iyanrin, the commander of the Solspire Guard, to coordinate their investigation and defense of the temple.

That night, Akeko participated in the defense of the temple against a horde of vampires. She survived the assault, and joined the Rivertown Avengers and Ahraz in celebrating their victory.

Akeko returned to her research and thoroughly explored the now abandoned ruins of Iparun. She began searching the kingdom for Tarik Mbozi, who had survived the siege of the Temple of Morimi, but was unable to locate him.


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